URGENT! Colleague’s partner needs partial liver donation!

Below is a message sent by our colleague Laura Milhaven, whose partner urgently needs a partial liver donation. Laura requests that the message be shared as widely as possible.  Unfortunately, we cannot use WCC email to get this urgent message out, so WCCFT is using its own resources to spread the word.

Thank you, Mel


Patricia Looney, my partner of 17+ years was hospitalized May 13th with Acute Liver Failure.  She has received clearance to be placed on the Liver Donor Transplant list through UNOS but it was suggested that in her current condition she is also still eligible to receive a partial liver transplant from a living donor.

All expenses including housing if necessary and lost wages would be taken care of for the donor through insurance and a fund available through Montefiore Liver Transplant Center.

If anyone is interested in getting more facts/information they should contact:  Helen Rominiecki, Live Donor Transplant Coordinator at hrominie@montefiore.org or by phone at 718 920-6729.

The donor must meet following criteria:

  • 55 yrs of age or younger
  • 30 BMI Body mass Index
  • O type blood or A type blood with A2 subtype.

This criteria is set to protect the person donating.  The operation will remove the right lobe of the donor which will grow back in 6-8 weeks.  They would need to be in the hospital only a few days but they would have a recuperation period after surgery of 6-8 weeks.

My family appreciates getting this message out to all WCC employees, it is a shot in the dark but one we need to take before she gets any sicker and the option of live donation ceases to exist.

If the message could also be forwarded to all county employees that would increase the possibility of someone matching.

Helen Rominieki has offered to field all questions and direct any interested persons on the next steps to take.

With gratitude,

Laura Milhaven​

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