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Chair Ellen Zendman shares this message:  


Your support of VOTE-COPE continues to allow our voices to be heard.  There is no doubt that during these critical times you make a difference. Funded by voluntary member contributions, VOTE-COPE is a non-partisan political action fund that helps support candidates committed to public education, health care, and the goals of organized labor.

If you are already supporting VOTE-COPE, our thanks to you. If you are not, please go to:

http://wcc.votecope.org/ and make your voice count! Wishing you and your family a very happy and safe holiday season.


Chair Gwen Roundtree Evans writes: “I would like to thank Professors Mary Lou Sgro, Natalie Patasaw, Debbie Krikun, Towanda Mathurin, and Susan Arieta for their continued assistance and participation in the committee. Below is a summary of the number of applications and amounts distributed since I became the committee chair:

Fall 2021– 11 Full-time faculty applicants, Total  $8,436.48

Spring 2022 — 7 Adjunct faculty applicants, Total $6,723.35

Fall 2022 — 25 Full-time faculty applicants, Total $24,139.86

Fall 2022 — 9 Adjunct faculty applicants, Total $ 7,194.31 [One application was disqualified due to non-membership]

Professional activities supported include partial graduate study reimbursement, conferences, art exhibitions, study abroad, research, webcasts, and funding for equipment/materials. 

I am pleased to announce that the union has received a check from the college for the current academic year in the amount of $35,000 for professional development of faculty. The committee will continue to research other forms of possible funding for professional activities and will explore ways we might improve the application process.”


Chair Robin Graff writes: “In 2007, the Westchester Community College Federation of Teachers agreed to give four graduating WCC students a scholarship founded on the principles of unionism. To continue our tradition of giving and honoring the memory of WCCFT leaders Rafael Rodriguez and Richard Rosell, we are inviting you to donate to the WCCFT Scholarship.

Your donation will help students stay in school, buy books, pay for transportation, Wi-Fi, laptops, or whatever they may need to help complete their education. We are appealing to you for donations in the hopes of raising a total of $4000 to award four $1000 scholarships. Donations fund this scholarship; your support is invaluable to keep this tradition alive.

You can read more about the background at WCCFT Scholarship History  

Donations may be made online at WCCFT Scholarship Donation Link or by check. 

Donations by check should be sent to the WCCFT Office, Tech Building, Room 32.  Please make checks payable to American Federation of Teachers.  You can indicate WCCFT Scholarship Donation in the memo section.    

If you have any questions, please email Robin Graff, Chair of the WCCFT Scholarship Committee at robin.graff@sunywcc.edu or robingwccft@gmail.com.   

Thank you from the WCCFT Scholarship Committee: Robin Graff, Mary Lou Sgro, Rebecca Steele, Towanda Mathurin.”