WCCFT News & Updates


Chair Eric De Sena’s latest column Adjunct Matters / Adjuncts Matter appears in this issue. Please send related news, announcements, and comments to ericdwccft@gmail.com


Committee chair, Richard Courage invites colleagues to follow the Westchester Community College Federation of Teachers on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WCCFT


WCCFT Vice-president and Committee chair, Deirdre Verne reports that “We currently have a number of open grievances and unsigned MOU’s. Topics include discrepancies in hourly rates, credit vs non-credit pay, the college calendar and remote work. The college has been unresponsive, and it appears they are slowing down the process. We’ve recently sent an email to Dr. Miles to review these open issues.”


On behalf of the Political Action Committee, chair Joyce Cassidy is pleased to report that she was able to attend a Political Action & Vote Cope Seminar led by Emiljana Ulaj, Regional Political Organizer at NYSUT. Among the many topics presented during the training, some of the greatest take aways were related to building a Robust Community Relations Program and strengthening our VOTE-COPE and Internal Organizing Programs. Stay tuned for more developments with our Union Leadership and the County Board of Legislators and opportunities for participation within the WCCFT.