Adjunct Matters | Adjuncts Matter by Eric De Sena

Dear Colleagues,

It has been a busy semester. Contract negotiations have been at a stand-still since the last WCCFT Connect, so I do not have much to report.

A few weeks ago, a press conference was held at WCC to urge Governor Hochul to bolster the budget for community colleges. This was a NYSUT event and Jim Werner organized it within 24 hours! There were two New York State Senators, two members of the NYS Assembly, and several representatives of our Westchester County government, including Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins. Everyone praised the work we do at community colleges, with a special congratulations to the WCC Faculty!

In this edition of WCCFT Connect, I simply want to recognize and applaud us for all we do at WCC! We are the Educators, the Advisors, the Librarians, the Counselors. No matter our level of employment, we are the foundation of Westchester Community College. Be proud of your profession and your professional activities. It may seem as if we are invisible, but we make a difference. We may not touch every soul we encounter, but there are some students who are inspired and driven to excel because of us.

Enjoy the Summer recess. Work hard, play hard, and relax a little!

In solidarity,

Eric C. De Sena
WCCFT Adjunct Representative
Member of the WCCFT Negotiation Team

Please reach out to Eric De Sena at for any union-related concerns and/or to send me news items for future issues of FTConnect.