Diane Urban

I have been an adjunct professor at WCC since 1980, and I have enjoyed it immensely. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Many students have kept in touch, so I know that at least two have gone on to earn PhDs in psychology, two have earned medical degrees, and many have earned advanced degrees in occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, and other fields.  I have been proud to be a part of their educational journeys.

Over those years, I have had many other professional accomplishments that I feel have added to my effectiveness as a faculty member.  I have been quoted in a psychology textbook and in several magazine articles. I have hosted a cable television show on parenting. I created a blog (Real-matters.com) that to date has over 3,000 views, and I continue to find this a valuable way to “give psychology away” to an even greater number of people than we can reach in the classroom.

While the satisfaction has been great, some challenges have also been great. I have been fortunate to have a private practice as a psychologist, something that allows a regular source of income; most adjunct professors cannot say the same.  For most, teaching is their only source of income (or they supplement it by driving for rideshare companies, working at retail stores, or similar activities). The months without income and the stress of not knowing until the last minute if a course will actually go are constant pressures on them. The lack of healthcare insurance benefits is also a great concern. While the healthcare marketplace has provided some relief, there is still great uncertainty regarding the continued availability of reasonably priced coverage. These challenges can be solved. If you want to know my thoughts on how to do it, feel free to read my blog post on “I Cut, You Choose” (http://real-matters.com/?p=175)