Don Rittner

There does not appear to be a good faculty handbook for adjuncts. I did not know I was in the union for two years. I had no idea that I could get free WCC courses and missed two years’ worth. Not sure what else I am missing, but it would be nice to know what perks are available.

I do know that I had to pay $60 out of my pocket to teach at the Peekskill extension in the city-owned garage. And with no place to hang my hat, it’s hard to have office hours to help my students.

My situation is a bit different from most faculty since I commute three hours each way, that is, six hours of driving for two hours of teaching. Last semester, I did this four days a week. I have tried to get management to assign me three classes of three hours each in one day to help make it work, but I’m on the bottom of the totem pole, and, well, you know what that means.

I enjoy teaching and my Westchester students overall are very good, compared to my experiences teaching up here in the Capital District (which is why I drive to WCC).